Monday, June 20, 2016


When your son and 3 of his high school buddies are broke down 2500 miles from home, which is in Alabama, what is a father to do??? My heart filled thanks goes out to Hayden and all the members of JR's Transmission for jumping on their van and replacing the transmission so they could finish their High School graduation trip (aka Indie Road Trip 2016, which can be seen on Facebook). If you live in the Auburn area I high recommend you use them and if you are unfortunate to break down on the road I say don't look anywhere else, these are good folks!!!! Thanks again for looking after our boys as they were your own and because of your professional and expert service they are back in Sweet Home Alabama!!! Southern Hospitality can be found at JR's Transmission!!!

War Eagle and Roll Tide!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

"FAST SERVICE!" by James B. - Paso Robles

I live in Paso Robles and was up in the Auburn area visiting family Thanksgiving week when my O/D (Overdrive) light started flashing on my '99 Mustang GT. This is something that you never want to see happen on your car. Even though it was blinking, it never went into limp mode...which was about the only positive knowing that i was 5 hours from home. I initially took it to Folsom Ford and they did nothing but top off the Transmission and tell me that everything was good. Not so fast my Lee Corso would say....Later that day it started flashing again.

I looked around on the internet and found Jr's not to far away from where I was staying in Auburn. I got my car in their on the Monday morning before Jr's was officially open. Karen was very nice and took great care of me with getting all the admin stuff done right away. As soon as they were open Scott took my car, ran the codes and took it for a drive. The codes said there was a shift problem between 2 & 3. He suggested cleaning the speed sensor and I readily agreed. They cleaned the speed sensor and then asked to change the Transmission oil.....I gave permission and they did it. When they took the pan off they found that the filter seal had given out and the filter was laying in the pan.

After the speed sensor was cleaned, a new filter and oil change I have had NO issues whatsoever with the O/D light coming on. Thank you so much Scott, Karen and your team! You helped me out more then you know and I greatly appreciate that you took such good care of me and got me out of there as fast as you could! You are why I will always go to a small business over a chain business! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!


I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500 4x4 after taking it back to the dealer three times two of those times it was towed back for not shifting. The dealer I bought the truck from wouldn't look at the transmission they told me it was the ignition switch & when it was the battery. After taking it to another dealer they told me to bring it back when it breaks down. That is when I went to JR's they found the problem & fixed it YIPPEE!! I am back on the road & riding with my horsey friends I am very happy. Thanks JR's

"CLEAR ON PRICING" by Anna P. - Jim Falls, WI

Amazing people run this business with integrity, respect and honesty. I was passing through Auburn, CA on my way to Wisconsin and ran into some major transmission issues. They diagnosed the issues and were clear about the next steps along with pricing. I highly recommend JR's Transmission for everyone but definitely those who are passing through and need repairs. Thanks again Karen, Scott and Dean:)

"CUSTOMER FOR LIFE" by Jennifer W. - Grass Valley, CA

These folks are amazing. I wish I had found them first. After three attempts, four days of time, one dent and two different shops that tried to fix an axle seal leak from an automatic transmission, I was told that the transmission had to be replaced to the tune of $2500.

In a last desperate act of seeking a fourth opinion, I contacted JR's late in the afternoon. They took it in right away. They looked at it and quickly found that the seals and bushing were improperly installed. The repair problem was done in an hour. They had the right experience, tools and parts. To top it off, the cost was more than fair..............

I wish I could have found them first. They have a customer for life. Do yourself a favor and seek these guys out for transmission work. Honest, ethical, timely and easy to work with. A great family operation that has been in Auburn for many years.

"100% POSITIVE" by Steve J. - San Jose, CA

"We've had two transmissions rebuilt here and have brought all our vehicles in for maintenance (change fluid/filters). Our experience has been 100% positive...

...I know they are honest, even going above and beyond to maintain their reputation.In the foothills it is a small world and everybody knows everybody else. JRs has a great reputation, they have worked hard to earn it, and they clearly want to keep it. It's businesses like that you can count on. "